Hello all! Sorry for the quiet patch over the recent months, it almost felt like we crawled through January and February as the cold weather and Storm Doris darkened our doors, but now we’re in March and we are back! The days and are getting longer and warmer and that new show feeling is starting to bubble away nicely.

But what is the new show?

Well, as some of you may or may not know, we have been inspired by the life and work of Coventry born musician, Delia Derbyshire. You may not know her by name or sight but you definitely will have heard her music. She was a pioneer in electronic sound working with reel to reel tape and created the iconic theme tune for Dr Who and has inspired many of today’s artists.

(But she’s not the only woman to have worked with electronic music, see the other Pioneering women of electronic music.)

With our interest in Delia and synthesised and electronic music ever growing, this lead to the opportunity of Connor and myself heading out to Berlin for 2 weeks to work with and gain further knowledge from sound artist Wolfram Spyra and to create something to perform in a shopfront style space courtesy of Institut fur Alles Mogliche.

Being in a city with a vast history and culture was incredible, there was this sense that something was always happening. The instruments and gadgets that I got to play with opened up a whole new world of sound and music to me.


I was hooked!

Everything instantly clicked and the essence of the show suddenly became more obvious to us. This notion of a Silent Disco, Synth Opera Rave was something that we could not get out of our minds.

The project we did out in Berlin revolved around the idea of splicing, and was a visual representation of how Delia worked, splicing reel to reel tape together to create her sounds.

The room was filled with pictures that we had edited.

Cassette tape hung from the ceiling.


We took lines of text from books and made one long sentence that went around the entire room.


Alongside that we also had a 15 minute music performance depicting different areas of Delia’s life and work.


2 weeks gone in a massive Berlin blur.


But now this where the fun really begins…

We have just applied for our Arts Council funding and we are currently working towards performing at the First bite festival, run by China Plate, on the 22nd April at the mac in Birmingham.

We are very excited about this upcoming project and we can’t wait to see what the outcome will be.

So stay tuned as we keep you update with all things Noctium.

Synth-cerely (see what I did there?)




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