In the very, merry month of May.

Hello Noctium-ers, sorry for the lull in recent months, but hopefully these blogs will start to be more of a regular occurrence once I start getting my act together  *clambers up all of his loose pieces of paper, but then drops them immediately. There is an awkward pause…*


So what have we been up to lately?

Well, back in April we were lucky enough to have performed our new work in progress, The Woman and the Wobbulator, a story inspired by the life and work of Delia Derbyshire, as a part of the First Bite festival organised by China Plate. We were one of nine artists and companies performing at the mac in Birmingham which included, Jack AG Britton, Serious Business, Flickbook theatre, The Unhidden Collective, LaPelle’s Factory, Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, futuretheatre and Laura Ryder.

The day was split into two sessions, an afternoon and an evening showing, and we were the last of the afternoon performances.

Photos below of our performance, The Woman and the Wobbulator, photography c/o Arnim Friess

We felt very lucky and privileged to be a part of this event; to get to show our work and what we are about. It was also incredibly exciting to see that there are so many artists in the UK currently creating and producing work.

The midlands is a hub of creativity at the moment!

We are now moving forward with the new show, in time for another work in progress event later this year. We shall keep you posted on this as it develops but we are very much looking forward to it.

There’s no doubt in all our minds that this project will be our most challenging, but we are hoping we can do Delia Derbyshire justice, as a couple of weeks ago also saw the anniversary of Delia Derbyshire’s 80th birthday. To mark this special occasion to the iconic sculptress of sound, an evening full of electronic music performed by artists she had worked with and those who are still influenced by her work today, was put on at the Coventry Cathedral.

The event, Deliaphonic, was for one night only and artists such as Pete Kember from Sonic Boom and Howlround, showed off their musical talents and abilities all in the name of Delia.


More recently we were accepted to be mentored by the fantastic Little Earthquake as part of their new mentoring program. Over the next year, they will be guiding us and Notnow Collective, the other successful candidates to be a part of this program, on how we can fully utilise our time and our skills as a company by parting their knowledge and wisdom onto us.

So, fuelled by tea, cake and biscuits we had our very first informative and post-it note filled meeting with them last weekend and we are very lucky to be learning from such a super, awesome and amazing company!

Image uploaded from iOS

So stay tuned as we keep you up to date with all things Noctium.




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