A Robot, a Mariachi band and some Owls walk into a bar…

Hello Nocta-nauts! Winter is upon us, the clocks have gone backwards and our fantastic year is coming to a close.

We start this blog by taking you back to September when we performed our brand new show, Hymns for Robots at the Belgrade. We were delighted with the response and how it resonated with audiences that knew of Delia Derbyshire and with those that didn’t.

We had three lovely reviews, which you can find below:




We are now fully aware of where we would like the piece to head and how we will be able to achieve this. With the city of culture bid now set in the people of Coventry’s minds, it is more important than ever to show the world what this city has to offer and how we portray this Coventrian icon not just to Coventry but to everyone!

Next year is going to be an exciting one indeed!

As well as performing our new show we were also test running the Difference Engine, an audio captioning device developed by the very esteemed Talking Birds. Our reason for using it for this piece came from our interest of how to convey music and sounds to those who are hard of hearing. Our test itself was an in house one having only a handful of people run the Difference Engine for our very beginning speech. Although it was only used at the very beginning, our small group of testers said that it worked very well within the Difference Engine format and were confident that it would be suitable for the rest of the show. We found the Difference Engine very easy to use and uploading our text onto the program itself was a very simple process. We would highly recommend the use of the Difference Engine, and if you go to a show where it is available, use it!

If you’d like to find out more you can click on the link here.

One week later we were back performing Hymns for Robots to the new batch of first year students on the Theatre and Professional Practice course at Coventry University. This was our third time performing for the new students and we hope to continue this relationship with the University, who continue to support us on our journey, for a very long time.

We were lucky enough to perform with Teatr Biuro Podróży again on their fantastic adaptation of ‘The Winter’s Tale’ as the ever formidable Mariachi’s, as part of the Festival of Imagineers. This year performances included the likes of Pif-Paf, Derek Nisbet, Theatre Absoloute, AcroJou, Cardboardia, Wet Picnic, The Nosey Parkers and many other great talents from and around Coventry to create one spectacular festival.

You can find out more about Imagineer and the festival by clicking here.


More recently we were up at Chester Zoo performing with Wild Rumpus as part of ‘The Enchantment at Chester Zoo’ which this year saw the evil Sorcerer return and cast a terrible sleeping spell over the Zoo. It was up to the the plucky families to collect magic sand from four animals; the Giraffes, the Sloths, the Orang-utans and the Moths and bring it back to Owl HQ to break the spell forever! We will be back up there again later this month to be a part of ‘The Lanterns at Chester Zoo.’ We can’t wait!


That’s all from us at the moment here at Nocta-HQ but keep your eyes peeled as we keep you up to date on all things Noctium!




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