Hello Nocta-nauts, Charles here again with another blog update on our time at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (in case you were unsure as to where we were in August). A month, which seemed to flash by in a blur, filled with shows, rain, walking, more rain, podcasts, deep fried MarsBars, even more rain and even more shows. We met and chatted to so many wonderful artists, saw such a wide variety of theatre and felt entirely at home in a place none of us had ever really experienced on that level before.


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We weren’t the only Coventry based company performing at the festival this year. We were lucky to be a part of the massive Coventry contingent up at the Fringe which included Strictly Arts, Susie Sillett, Jen Davis and Paul O’Donnell, all showcasing their talent and giving good reason as to why Coventry has been named the City of Culture for 2021.


While in Edinburgh we documented our time there by doing a number of podcasts with a whole host of lovely people all talking about their Fringe experience. We had great fun chatting to everyone and we really appreciate you all coming to talk with us. So a massive thank you goes out to Ellie, Sarah, Medea, Holly, Ted, Marlien, Jordan, Rob, Dan, Jen, Suzannah, Corey and Pip, you made our Fringe that extra bit special!

You can catch all of our Edinburgh special podcasts here, and relive the Fringe fun again.

We’d also like to thank the wonderful staff at the C Aquila Venue for making us feel so welcome during our time at the Fringe, the reviewers and to everyone who donated, saw the show and tweeted about us, none of what we achieved could have been possible without ALL of you!


Now, with all that the Fringe has to offer it can be really difficult to know what to go and see. Our time in Edinburgh saw Connor, Jessie and myself seeing a whole heap of different shows. Below you will find an extract from all three of us talking about a different show or event that, for us individually, added to our Fringe experience.

Connor talks about…The Pianodrome by Sound Mirror

“On the penultimate day of our run of the fringe I had the pleasure of being invited by my lovely friend Nikki Hill along to a project she was working on, The Pianodrome. In Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic gardens, beneath a white material dome sat a plethora of discarded pianos that had been lovingly up-cycled into a unique amphitheatre, the vision of Tim Vincent-Smith and Mathew Wright. With a host of talented musicians passing through the space audiences were treated to music rehearsals, piano lessons, talks and music performances, the Pianodrome was a lively hub of artistic exploration. In the evening we were treated to an other-worldly performance by Tim’s band S!nk, filled with existentialism, mischief and play. The Pianodrome was awarded the ‘Best Moment of the Fringe’ by a reviewer (I forget which) and it was certainly my best moment of the Fringe.”

Jessie talks about…Ladykiller by The Thelmas and Garry Starr Performs everything by Garry Starr

“I ended up seeing quite a few one man/one woman shows, this was unintentional but I suppose it’s unavoidable. These types of shows seem to dominate the fringe, probably because they’re much cheaper to run and quicker to set up! I imagine it must be quite difficult to stand out from the ever growing crowd of one person shows. For me, Ladykiller and Garry Starr Performs Everything did this perfectly. Ladykiller managed to comment on female identity in a way that was equal parts chilling and comical – I loved it. Garry Starr was just hilarious from start to finish. He packed so much energy and material into that hour, he must have just been sleeping whenever he wasn’t on stage!”

Charles talks about…(sorry) by Susie Sillett

“This was very difficult for me as there were a number of shows that I wanted to talk about from the Fringe, however (sorry) written by Susie Sillett, really stood out for me. In 70 minutes (sorry) perfectly sums up the feelings of and towards mid twenty-something-year-old-millennials trying to survive professionally, socially and being constantly told how “easy” they have it. Obviously, the topics in the show feel more relevant for me than it might for someone of a different generation, but it still has that universal feeling of how we all must have felt at some point. However, in a time where our voice feels like it’s never really heard or appreciated, (sorry) shouts these feelings in an apologetic manner, giving a voice and creating a play for our generation who were told that they could do whatever they wanted and could achieve anything.”

Other shows we saw included *inhale*

Loving Monica (Blancmontage Theatre) 

Prehistoric (Elbow Room)

We’ve Got Each Other (Paul O’Donnell)

Famous Puppet Death Scenes (The Old Trouts)

Slipstick (Martin Kent)

A Clown Show About Rain (Silent Faces)

Polaris (Holly and Ted)

Busking It (Coin Drop)

Other People’s Teeth (Want the Moon theatre)

The Squirrel Plays (Part of the Main)

Status (Chris Thorpe)

When the Friendship has Sailed (Weird Sisters Theatre)

Holy $#!% It’s Music & Comedy with Matt Griffo (Matt Griffo)

Ingrid Dahle presents Wingrid (Ingrid Dahle)

Moonlight on Leith (ClartyBurd Theatre)

Infinita (Familie Flöz)

SILENCE (Teatr Biuro Podróży)

How Deep Is Your Duff (Helen Duff)

Eat Me (Matrix Theatre Company)

Gingzilla: Glamoster vs the World (Gingzilla)

Seen and Heard (Becky Lou)

Tits’n’Teeth (Eastlake Productions)

Sex Shells (Sex Shells)

Skin Deep (LAMBCO Productions)

We Should Know Better (Sikisa and Adrian Tauss)

Heimatmann (11:87 Theatre Company)

Fisherman’s Tail (4Front Theatre)

Joke Thieves (Will Mars)

Innovations Contemporary Dance Platform (Dance Horizons Events)

The Electric Cabaret (C Presents)

Century Song (Volcano (Canada), Richard Jordan Productions in association with CanadaHub)

War with the Newts (Knaïve Theatre)

Midnight Marauders (The Furies)


With 25 shows in the bag from Edinburgh, we thought one more wouldn’t hurt us! We had a brief stop at the Carlisle Fringe and performed at the Old Fire Station on our way home. So from no fringes to three in one year, Brighton, Edinburgh and Carlisle thank you so much for having us!


We head back to Coventry and the Belgrade Theatre next week for a four show run of ‘Hymns for Robots,’ (19th-21st). We will also be holding a Q+A session after Fridays performance and we will have some extra special guests joining us. To make sure you don’t miss out, you can find and book your tickets here.

We then embark on a little tour from October to November with shows in Wolverhampton (The Arena), Bedford (The Place), Bexley Grammar School and Swindon (Shoebox).

We have more outings planned for 2019 don’t you worry! So keep your eyes peeled as we keep you up to date with all things Noctium.




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